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SheTaik UI 3.3.3a

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Добавлен: 15.05.2010

Скачать SheTaik UI 3.3.3a




- Удалить "Fonts" и "Interface" и сделайте бекап если надо
- Папки "Fonts" и "Interface" из архива киньте в папку WoW
- В игре напишите: /settings all. Для установки всех настроик
Дальше пункт если вы скачали аддоны DBM MSBT и Skada для них в этой сборке есть конфиги после того как вы скините папки этих аддонов в интерфейс из архива в папке extras киньте их в папку интерфейс с заменой файлов
- В игре напишите: /settings dbm. для DBM.
- В игре напишите: /settings msbt. для MSBT.
- В игре напишите: /settings skada. Для Skada.

Нельзя обновлять аддоны тогда все настройки слетят!
Аддоны(сорри что не перевёл):
- aSettings ...ALZA mod that adds some tweaks to interface: changes UI scale, adds some slash commands, adds "one-button" mount function, autogreen on greens in groups, auto decline duels and accept invites, hiding errors from UIErrorsFrame and more.
- !BaudErrorFrame ...Records errors as they occur, allowing you to access them when you want to.
- aMiniMap ...ALZA mod that, small minimap addon. Features: square, clean minimap, can be moved and scaled. Tracking icon is transparent and moved to bottomleft corner. Right click on map opens calendar.
- aTooltip ...ALZA mod that based on sTooltip by Shantalya. Features: backgound changed, unit names colored by class or reaction, customizable target line added, statusbar moved, talents spec.
- Butsu a small replacement for the default loot frame.
- caelNameplates a small replacement for the default nameplates
- cargBags a lightweight and modular bag framework.
- cargBags_Pernobilis a simple bag layout.
- Fane a small add-on to make the chat tabs look slightly more appealing.
- Filger a small add-on to track spells.
- idChat a small replacement for the default chatframes. Features: copy chat text, copy and highlight chat link, auto scrolling chat down and chat filter.
- LitePanels, in essence, a UI panel art framework aimed for use by both UI authors and normal users. It was created to be a solid, lightweight alternative to kgPanels.
- LiteStats a lightweight stats mod.
- oGlow ...will light up your items, by adding a quality border to them.
- OmniCC an addon that adds text to items/spells/abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they'll be ready for use.
- oUF a unit frame framework.
- oUF_AuraWatch ...adds the ability to watch specific auras on any unit of your choice.
- oUF_DebuffHighlight ...adds debuff highlighting to the oUF unitframes.
- oUF_ReadyCheck ...adds readycheck info to the oUF unitframes.
- oUF_Shestak a simple unitframes layout. Frames supported: player, target, tot, focus, focustarget, pet, party, raid, maintank, maintank targets. Plugins supported: oUF_DebuffHighlight, oUF_ReadyCheck, oUF_Reputation, oUF_Experience, oUF_TotemBar, oUF_WeaponEnchant, oUF_Swing, oUF_MoveableFrames, oUF_AuraWatch, oUF_ThreatFeedback, oUF_HealComm4, oUF_PvPTrinket, oUF_Trinket, oUF_CombatFeedback, oUF_Smooth, oUF_SpellRange.
- oUF_Trinket ...adds a PvP trinket icon to the oUF unitframes.
- pMap ...enhances the WorldMap and BGMam with a few features.
- rActionBarStyler ...mod to edit the positions of the default ActionBars.
- rActionButtonStyler ...mod that uses hooksecurefunctions to edit the textures of the default ActionButtonTemplate.
- tabDB small addon combining the Dungeon Finder and the Raid Browser into a single window with tabs on the right hand side to switch between them.
- tekability ...simply adds a percent to the equipment icons in the char panel.
- teksLoot gives you tiny loot-roll frames.
- tekticles a simple set of fonts.
- TradeTabs a small addon to add spellbook-like tabs to the TradeSkillFrame.

Optional Addons
- aRaidCooldowns ...ALZA mod that, track raid CD.
- aThreatMeter ...ALZA threat bar.
- aTotemBar a small replacement for the default totem bar.
- DBM-Core ...Only modified and stylized files. After each update DBM must again rewrite them.
- oUF_HealComm4 ...adds a visual representation of incoming heals to the oUF unitframes.
- PallyPower ...all known PP.
- Skada ...all known Skada.
- sThreatMeter2 a small threat meter.
Команды(тоже не перевёл):
/rl - reload interface.
/frame - get name of frame under cursor.
/parent - get name of parent frame of frame under cursor.
/rc - make readycheck.
/rd - removes everyone from raid/party.
/gm - open gm frame.
/uihelp - in game help info(need localizations).
/lstats - help command for LiteStats.
/settings dbm - DBM settings with classcolor bar.
/settings skada - Skada settings.
/settings msbt - MSBT settings.
/settings all - all settings.
/teksloot - move grouploot frame.
/wf - move watch frame.
/en - enable addon. "/en filger" will enable addon Filger. Changes will be made after UI reload.
/dis - same for disabling addons.
/addons solo - enable(disable bottom list) solo addons.*
/addons party - enable party addons.*
/addons raid - enable raid addons.*
/addons pvp - enable pvp addons.*
/addons trade - enable trade addons.*
/addons quest - enable quest addons.*
*see the current addon list and add your addons to the list:
Interface\AddOns\!aSettings\!aSettings.lua(685+ lines).
Create a macro: /run Mountz(groundmount, flyingmount), replacing groundmount and flyingmount with names of mounts you want.
Example: /run Mountz("Amani War Bear", "Plagued Proto-Drake"

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