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RealUI Alpha 3.3.5/3.3.5a

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Добавлен: 27.07.2010

Скачать RealUI Alpha 3.3.5/3.3.5a



RealUI поддерживает все резолюции. Она будет автоматически приспосабливаться к любой резолюции и пользовательского интерфейса в масштабе.

Список аддонов которые содержит сборка: 

 !StopTheSpam - Stops Addon message spam in your chat window at log in. ArkInventory - All in one inventory with search, enhanced tooltips, sorting, categories, ability to see your other character's inventory, and more. 
BadBoy + BadBoy CCleaner - Automatically reports Gold Spam and cleans up trade chat.
Bartender4 - Highly configurable Action Bar replacement.
ButtonFacade - Skins the action buttons.
DragEmAll - Allows you to click-and-drag all in-game windows.
DeusVoxEncounters - Boss mod.
GhostPulse3 - Pulses a large icon as your spells/items come off of cooldown.
Grid - Party/Raid frames.
IceHUD - Provides cast bars, timers, and ability stack counts.
InFlight - Taxi timer. Let's you know when you will reach your destination.
Mapster - Enhanced World Map.
MikScrollingBattleText - Combat text replacement.
[8]nibChatTabs - Modifies the appearance of the Chat Tabs to a more pleasing, purely text based version.
[8]nibMicroMenu - Text based Micro Menu.
nibMinimap - Minimap for RealUI.
nibRealUI - Provides a number of features and core functionality for RealUI.
Omen - Threat Meter
OmniCC - Displays cooldown time remaining on action buttons.
PitBull4 - Unit frames.
Postal - Adds a lot of nice features to your mailbox.
Prat3 - Enhanced chat window.
ProfessionTabs - Provides quick access tabs to all your professions on the Profession and Trade windows.
RangeDisplay - Display of range in yards to Target/Focus/Pet.
Reflux - Automatic profile management.
SatrinaBuffFrame - Highly customizable buffs/debuffs.
Skada - Damage/Healing/etc meters.
Skinner - Skins the in game windows.
SLDataText - Information display.
TidyPlates - Nameplate replacement with a lot of nice features.
TidyPlates_ThreatPlates - Tanking theme for TidyPlates.
TipTop - Enhanced tooltips.
XLoot - Enhanced loot window.

ViRuS 17.09.2011 в 22:38 написал:
Кул адон месяц за таким гонялся ...((
Админу респект :DDD
Jamal.5 14.10.2012 в 03:22 написал:
а вы собираетесь продолжать эту тему на , если честно - прикольно!
Skiper 14.07.2014 в 20:04 написал:
Где и как скачать этот аддон ??? Спасибо.

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