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Db script string


Таблица `db_script_string`

Holds texts for scripts.


Field Type Null Key Default Extra
entryint(11) unsigned NO PRI 0
content_default text NO
content_loc1 text YES NULL
content_loc2 text YES NULL
content_loc3 text YES NULL
content_loc4 text YES NULL
content_loc5 text YES NULL
content_loc6 text YES NULL
content_loc7 text YES NULL
content_loc8 text YES NULL

Description of the fields


The ID to identify the text. Referenced by event_scripts, gameobject_scripts, quest_start_scripts, quest_end_scripts, spell_scripts and creature_movement.

Entries must be between 2000000000 and 2000010000.


The text for default language.


The translation in another language depending on the locale ID of that language.

locale ID language
1 Korean (koKR)
2 French (frFR)
3 German (deDE)
4 Chinese (zhCN)
5 Taiwan (zhTW)
6 Spanish (esES) / Mexico (esMX)
7 Russian (ruRU)

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